Slider sliding too much

In, when clicking on the #primary button, the slider is rolling much more than needed.
Below, the first image is how it is currently, and the second is how should be:

How to fix this?

Hello there,

Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .header-slider .slide-item {
      background-attachment: scroll !important;  
      background-position: center center !important;


Didn’t work.
It seems the problem only happens when in full screen.
See the video:


I’ve checked several solutions to face this issue because I had the same trouble. The easiest solution is to apply a bigger padding-top on your section. (called “primary” in your case)

Steps :

  1. Modify your page with elementor
  2. Click on the top of your section (blue part with 6 points)
  3. Section widget properties > advanced tab > internal margin > top > set +/- 50
  4. Save modification
  5. Refresh your page

Warning : if you’re logged into WP dashboard and you try to open your targeted page in the same browser, you’ll have the WP logged nav bar at the top of your page which will push down your website header floating menu.

Hope that helps



Thanks, it could be done also directly with CSS.
The problem to increase the top margin is that it will increase also in the mobile (which was already working).
In short, the top margin might be only increased when the menu is expanded.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You can also set differents margins for desktop, tablet or mobile through elementor page builder.

On the right side of the ‘internal margin’ title there is a grey round icon to click on and select which target device you want to setup your margins… :wink:

It’s a different way which is easier and faster (for me) than editing CSS. The other advantage is related to the future Sydney theme upgrades where you’ll keep all your cutomized setup.



Wow, this Elementor is indeed a great tool!
Thanks again for your attention.