Slider Resize

How do I resize the slider to have width: 100% and height 100% of the image or screen size. Because when I look under my phone I have to scroll down about twice my screen size to past the slider section.

Hi, please post your page link?

Probably it can be fixed with little custom CSS code.

Tell me which phone you are using, so I check what is resolution for it? my phone is nexus 4. thank you. I tried to change the width to 100% but it doesn’t do anything

Well, I tested it for that screen resolution and page is displayed normal. Slider image is filling 100% of width and height of view port. Maybe it is browser related. Try applying this code with Simple custom CSS plugin if you are experiencing this.

@media screen and (max-width: 921px) {
    div#slideshow {
      height: 540px !important;

Change height value to your liking.

Thanks for the quick response. I tried but it still does not work. I want it to be like QUILL theme. Could it be the reason that I’m using firefox browser on my phone? But the Quill theme works fine on my firefox but not the Sydney.

Seems like the issue is present only in Firefox for Android. Don’t know why at the moment, seems like an initial miscalculation. Strangely, if you rotate your phone then it works.