Slider - problems with iPad/iPhone

Hi folks,

this is a great theme and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna buy the pro Version. However - I have an issue on iPad/iPhone. Any idea why the slider doesn’t work on my mobile devices? The other pages are fine.

MacBook Pro (Firefox, Safari) - works fine - works fine

iPad/iPhone (Safari) - doesn’t work - works fine



Just had a look on a 5s. First of all, it seems that your website is shrinked instead of being responsive. There might be a plugin that’s causing this.

Second, if the slider images aren’t being displayed then you might need to resize them. They’re very big and iOS devices don’t display images above a certain size.

Hi Vlad,

thanks for the very quick response which helped finding the problem. The Domain is being redirected to

If you use THAT link it works. So the redirection via frame is obviously causing the problem.

Thanks again,