Slider Problem Menu overlap on tablet

Hello there,

your Theme is really awesome. BUT. I go crazy with the Header Slider. I tryed soooooo many things with css and the resolution of the pics. I thought i got it, cause it worked on my ipad, iphone, galaxy S2, Desktop 21’, BUT not on the Galaxy Tablet.:-(((((

You can also see what i mean it changing the windows size in your browser.

My idea: Is there a perfect size for the pics to use in the slider??
If so, maby there is a way to define some useful points for a few different resolutions in the css, so the layout wont jump that much.

Thx for your help.

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Sorry, I don’t see any issue, can you please point it out? or maybe a screenshot of your Galaxy Tab’s screen can help.

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how can i import a pic here?