Slider on the portfolio page

Hi! I really love your theme, thank you guys!
Have one question:
this is my website
I want to change the slider (block “HOSTEDBY EVENT-PACKAGES” (projects/portfolio)), because now when I open this block I see the same slider from the main page.
Is it possible to change it? I would like to have different sliders on all projects.

Thank you in advance!


Your content is password protected so I cannot see exactly what you mean. But no, you can’t have different header sliders and different pages if that’s what you mean. You can however disable the slider on secondary pages or show a static image instead from Customize > Header Area.

Thank you for the fast answer!
ah yes,sorry, pass is: furz1

Okay, I checked Customize > Header Area, thanks.
Where can I add new pics for the sliders on the secondaries pages?

That’s what I’m saying, there’s just one slider. You can have different ones.

For the main slider I can add pic at Customize > Header Area, but I can’t find a possibility to add pics for the sliders in the portfolio pages.
Can you please help me? :slight_smile: