Slider on front page

Hi Vlad,

Sorry for bothering you again with this slider. I’m using your theme Moesia (free version) and I’m using a slider plugin WP Parallax Content Slider for the front page.

Now, I’d like the slider occupy exactly the same space than the page container. I’m changing the dimensions on the style sheet but it’s not working. Any idea why? Should I change it on some other file?

Thanks very much,

Post a link please (without the site being under construction) so I can see what you mean exactly.



Hi again,

I’m adding more content on the front page and it’s not keeping the same alignment than it’s on your front page. I mean, everything is spread out occupying the full width of the page.

Many thanks,

You can use this to make the slider contained:

.da-slider {
    max-width: 1170px;

Rows with two columns are wider, that’s how the theme is designed.

Thanks very much, Vlad. I didn’t think about it.
Now it works perfectly!