Slider navigation icon missing

Why I bought this shit!!!
I’ve updated to Sydney pro only for slider navigation icon. In your demo, it’s quite fine. But what the hell is this? When I imported demo file, the slider does not look like pro Demo.

Pro demo

Im my working site navigation arrows and dot are missing.

Why I need to use a third party plugin to get exactly the same as the demo. Smart Slider 3 is the worst plugin which makes my site slow. I’ve tried with Crelly Slider. With Crelly, it’s too difficult to get exactly the same result as the demo. If I need to facing difficulties why I bought this? I thought Sydney pro has a lot of advanced customization option.

Maybe I’ve just wasted my $59
There is the very silly difference between pro and free.

Hello there,

The main slider on the pro demo uses Smart Slider plugin. It’s separated from main demo data.

To replicate it, firstly, install and activate this plugin, download our slide demo data here in this link. To import it, follow this tutorial:

Once imported, you’ll have a shortcode under the Publish tab that looks something like this


Copy the shortcode.

To activate it, go to Appearance > Customize > Header area > Header type; and choose shortcode. Then go back to Header area > Shortcode; paste your copied shortcode into the box provided.