Slider Images

1.My Slider Images look fine when first going to site or clicking on home nav button.
But sometimes when scroliing down and then scrolling back up to slider images the 2nd,3th, and 4th images get cut off making the nav menu unreadable because the background above the cut off image is white and nav menu is white type.

2.It may help if I put a black shadow around nav menu type. What is the code to do this?


this happened to me today after update. I think I might have sorted it need to test more.

All i did was go into the Customiser change any setting slightly . then change back, then save. ( last bit is the important bit )

i.e. need to re-save setting in the customiser on my child theme did the trick although i need to test it some more

sorry its still doing it for me.

Hi dgrylas,

Please post a link to your website.

@ Dr9 - I didn’t saw that happening on your site, I have scrolled down and back to top, but your image is static, you have text slider and the menu font is white, so it shows well on dark background or am I looking at wrong place?

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thank you Csaba for looking into it. - loaded correctly - loaded incorectly

Can be reproduced by loading homepage then scrolling down into the content area before the other images have loaded.
Then scroll back up after 5 mins after all image slides have loaded. My image slides load every 16,000 secs x4 slides. initial slide image will be ok, but all subsequently loaded will not be.

it is unrelated to my plugins as have disabled them previously.

I have read some old posts where this was previously documented as a bug.

I believe it is a flaw in the way the parallax effect is made to happen. as the new loaded image is positioned center of where your screen position at the time of loading. i tried restricting max-height of 100% for “slideshow” “header-slider” “slide-item” but did not work for me. maybe worth trying the container also.

exact same thing that is happening to me.

My sit is not live yet so I cannot post url