Slider images not always displaying

Using Chrome, sometimes when I scroll down the page and then scroll up, the images in the slider will either display partially or not at all. Any hint?

This only happens if you scroll down and refresh the page, correct?

It seems to happens if I scroll down before everyone of the slider’s images have had the time to load and display.

i have the same problem

That’s basically the same effect as refreshing. There’s an issue with the parallax script. Don’t have a fix for it at the moment though it’s pretty much an edge case anyway.

What’s an edge case? Does that mean it won’t be fixed?

Edge case. Basically 99.5% of your site’s users won’t notice this.
I just said I don’t have a fix for it at the moment.

Ok, thanks!

I normally speak french, so I just wanted to make sure I got that right.