Slider images and slider text are not lining up


So far I have three images in my slider. Everything is working fine, but when I open a new tab and spend some time there, and then return to my site the images are not longer moving at the same speed as the text that goes with that image. Am I the only one experiencing this and is there a way to fix it?


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Could you confirm if this issue happens on all devices?

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Yes, it is happening on both my phone and laptop . I checked out the Sydney theme demo and it happens with that, too.

Is it just me? My internet is a bit slow so maybe that could be part of the problem.

I found the same problem mentioned here, but could not follow the instructions to fix it.

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Thank you for confirming.

> Is it just me? My internet is a bit slow so maybe that could be part of the problem.

I’m also experiencing it.

I’ve forwarded it to our developer. I hope there would be a fix for it. Please be patience.

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I appreciate all your help. I’ll be checking back if there is a solution.

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I have the same issue. Hope this gets fixed soon.

I have this issue too. When fix?

I have the same issue. When I view it in my smartphone and scroll down the text does not even slide anymore.

Same issue here. I have also posted a Thread regarding this issue and for me, if I wait toggle really slowly through the images/text, it stays intact but when i quickly move from forward and backward through the images, using my back/forward key on my keyboard, it gets screwed up. It should work all the time I am guessing and images/text should always be aligned as coded, regardless of internet connection, cycle speed or arrow keyboard direction. Hope they solve this issue - support seems pretty solid.


I am notising the same problem especially on mobile devices. Haven’t really noticed on computer. So I am following in hope of a solution.

Actually I believe I saw a solution at one point but can’t find it again.

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Ps it you refresh the site then it works again until you scroll up and down too fast. It seems.