Slider Height

Hello, I’m a new user of Sydney Theme. I would like to know how to decrease the height size of the slider in the homepage, Because I’ve left only the slider as afront page, but it appears the Scroll bar at the right even if there is nothing below the slider. I don’t know the cause of it.Could you please help me? Sorry for any misundertand, english is not my languaje.

Hello there,

Share your page link with us so we can inspect this on your end, and to try to fix this with some css if possible. Scroll is probably present, because there is footer section below the slider.

All the Best!

Hello! My computer broke down, so I completely forgot about this topic. I’ve lost the last job in which I couldn’t set the Slider Height. But now, I got another one, and a new problem has shown up. I need that the Image header sets automatically at 100% height depending the monitor size. I went to “Css” page and in the “.image.header. height” line I Wrote 100% instead of “300 px” and it doesn’t work, the header image is still 300 px height. Could you please tell me how to set this?