Slider disappears at the update Sydney 1.37

Hello Support Team,
After updating from 1.35 to 1.37, it seems the slider does not work properly. In Google PageSpeed Insights under Sydney 1.35 I have values 97/100 and 9 passed rules. With the update on 1.37 I only reach values around 80/100 with 7 passed rules. For mobile devices the values are only 60/100. The slider is no longer visible on the screenshot of PageSpeed Insights, but it seems to work, even after deleting the cache memory:

(I’m using the Sydney Child theme from aThemes.)

Please, how does my website look for you? What can I do to correct a possible problem and improve load times again?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards from Germany,



Clear WP Super Cache and Autoptimize please, I suspect that’s what’s causing the slider to now show on mobile.
Otherwise, does the site look slow? It’s opening up near instantly for me.


Deleting the WP Super Cache and the cache memory of Autoptimize has improved the loading time. However, it is still significantly longer than before the update to 1.37. This is obviously due to the two problems:

  • JavaScript and CSS resources that block rendering in content “above the fold”
  • Prioritize Visible Content

They reappear after updating to 1.37 in PageSpeed Insights. And why is the slider not displayed in the screenshots in PageSpeed Insights and GT-Metrix and other services?

Under Sydney 1.35 it goes back to normal. Is there an explanation or solution for this?



In your child theme, are you overriding the slider template by any chance?

Yes indeed. After the penultimate update, the text slider was no longer displayed. On the advice of aThemes I put the line

.text-slider {right: auto; }

To the end of style.css. If I remove this line of code, nothing changes to the current problem.

Otherwise, I made only minor adjustments to the text slider in the style.css, such as the font size.

No what I was asking is if you are overriding the slider PHP function, not the CSS. Because you have some things missing.

Oh, yes; According to the instructions of aThemes I have an extra slider-button built in for each slider page:

Ok, stop overriding the sydney_slider_template function and after that you can follow this guide for different slider buttons:
It’s easier to implement and you won’t have to change the main slider function.

Thanks, but that does not work. When I use the code with TC Custom JavaScript, I see buttons 1 - 5 in the preview of the customizer. After publication, they are not visible on the website. That’s why I chose the variant with the override in the functions.php.

It does work, I just re-tested the code. It could be your optimization plugins that need clearing.
Let’s focus on removing sydney_slider_template from the child theme first so you can get the mobile slider working properly.

It really works. I had to disable optimization of JavaScript code in Autoptimize. Then the CTA buttons appear on the published website. The values on PageSpeed Insights are so good as before the update 1.37.

Thank you for your detailed help and for your patience. It is the support of you and the aThemes team, which make Sydney the best theme.

Kind regards from Germany