SLIDER: different call to action buttons on each slide?

Love the theme. Quick question about customising the slider even more…

On the slider at present, you can have up to 5 different slides. But only one call to action button which is the same on each slide. Is there any way to have a different call to action button on each slide? i.e. the first slide’s CTA button scrolls you down to the next section on the front page, but the second slide’s button takes you to the blog page, etc.

I’d really appreciate any advice as the ability to do this would give my site exactly what I’m after. Thank you.

I’m afraid I can’t provide a link as the site can’t go live just yet.


Sorry, no, that’s not an option in the theme. But if you check the slider.php file you’ll notice that the slider function is pluggable so you can overwrite it from a child theme and hardcode your buttons.

Ok, thanks for the prompt reply anyway. I’m working on a different plan now but still using this theme as it is the look we’re after. Cheers.

Thanks for a great theme - very polished!

I’m looking to hard code different links on each slider. Can you share the code to use?