Slider customization


I have a few questions related to customizing the slider.

  1. This is related to another topic that was last updated 9 months ago (

I created a (hidden) category following the suggestions in the link above (the category is zzfeatured, and the category id=8), and so each post in the slider is assigned to two categories. What I would really like to do is to include the main category (yoga, etc.) and the phrase “Featured Post” above the post’s excerpt in the slider. An example of what I’m going for can be found on the site Is this possible?

  1. Posts that are of a video format don’t appear in the slider. If I use a plugin that allows me to use a video as the featured image, it works, but then the same video appears twice in the post. I would like to be able to have video formatted posts appear in the slider. Is this possible?

Here is my site, in case it helps:

Thank you!


Missed this one.

  1. Nope, sorry. Not without modifying PHP files.
  2. The slider checks for a featured image, not for a video. How about you use that plugin a bit, maybe we can hide one of the videos?
  1. Oh well…it was worth a shot.

  2. It’s more of a hypothetical scenario, I suppose. Now that I know how to make posts sticky (still can’t believe I couldn’t figure this one out!) it’s not really an issue anymore.

Thanks! I LOVE this theme, btw :slight_smile: