Slider Behind Text Overlay Question

Hello, I really like your default slider in Sydney but the only thing I want it to do is make it so my titles are easier to read by placing a semitransparent black rectangle behind the text on each slide. I made a mistake and purchased HUGE IT slider and that is not good. I installed Crelly slider and that doesn’t work right. Your slider is just perfect except for this one limitation. My website is here:

Thank you,

Hello Scott,

please try this code in a child theme or simple css plugin:

.text-slider .maintitle, .text-slider .subtitle {
  background-color: rgba(214, 80, 80, 0.5);
  padding: 15px;

The problem with this is, that the subtitle can’t have such a short background. If you want this solution try different numbers between 0 and 1 as the last one for the opacity. Choose your own color.

You can also try to add the whole text into a container using this:

.text-slider-section {
  background-color: rgba(214, 80, 80, 0.5);

THANK YOU! You are the Best.