Slider background image change in responsive

I’m having an issue where when I am viewing my site on my phone, when I scroll down beyond the initial view of the site, through the slider image, the entire image adjusts after-load and makes the screen jump. If I scroll down, it adjusts, and if I scroll back up, it adjusts back to the way it was originally when the site first loaded. This is occurring with Chrome on Android, but doesn’t happen when I use the chrome tools on the desktop to simulate the responsive layout. Thoughts? THX in advance!


Hello @terrycook,

I have just checked your website on Android device in Chrome and Firefox, and it looks like a bug, I’ve already reported it. Thank you for pointing it out.

Kind Regards, Roman.

URL bar messes up the slider calculation in Chrome, unlike Safari where this isn’t an issue.
We’ve handled it for the next theme update.