Slider (advanced type)

Hi I’m here with lot of questions but I would ask just two now:

1- How can I put a slider widget area on head? after main-nav and before breadcrumbs. Also, can I control it in each page, for instance in one page off that area, and on another page on it.

2- If it’s possible, which plugin can make sliders with img+content+lists like this?

Could you please give answer to me, thank you in advance.

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delay.

If you want to put a custom slider as seen on your screenshot, you should manually insert it in the header.php template file. Just replace the <?php sydney_slider_template(); ?> line. You must pass it in the child theme, so the changes you’ve made will remain once the theme gets updated in the future.

Regarding the slider style with img+content+lists, apologies I am clueless. That seems to be a custom build.


Thank you @Kharis

After a lot of search I found the right slider.

I think I can make it with looper.js