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  1. question:

is there any possibilty to slide in text and photos like in this theme?

  1. question:

My page:

Below the part “Unser Team” i have put in a background image as you can see (lake) but when i scroll down there is a grey line over the picture.
How can i fix this? I’ve already tried to change the background color, resize the image and so on…

  1. question:

Is there a dropdown menu for the sydney theme? how can i activate it?

  1. sometimes when i reload the page or scroll up again, the slider is completly white… is it a bug? Could you check it pls?

Thank you :wink:


  1. Such an option, unfortunately, does not exist within Sydney theme. Achieving this will require some custom coding, and you should contact Codeable

  2. This is because you have applied padding to holding row, and overlay color is present on scroll because image is changing position (parallax effect). You can remove padding from that row, or you can disable overlay color with custom css code below:

.overlay {
    background-color: transparent;

Apply the code with this plugin for example

After this, you wont have overlay color over background image, and if you like this effect you will have to edit your image with some photo editing tool and to add overlay manually over that image.

  1. Yes, it is default WP functionality (indent menu items), check this video for ex.

  2. We couldn’t reproduce this on our end, but if problem persist on your end you can try to optimize your slider images, try this tool

  1. I also sometimes have this problem on my page:
    I think, the problem is’n in the optimizing images. My photos have less than 300 KB in total. I can’t provoke this problem, but it’s true what he writes.