Slide box, "click here begin" button. How to stop earlier?

Hi. I installed the theme “Sydney” but I have a problem. When I click the button “click to begin” screen go slide down. When it stops covers the first post. How to change the place of stop?

Where find settings to roll-button? Or how remove it form my website? Please help :frowning:

Can you post a link to your site please?

I’m having the same issue as dewilish, which can be seen on
The issue is still present, so obviously I’d be interested in knowing how to solve this.

@dewlish, sorry for the delay

So, you guys want to change the section should be displayed when the button header is clicked?

Its similar with this thread

You need to find the ID element of the section then change the URL of the button link with those ID but with “#” prefix

@pikomedia if you need more assist, please to post your site URL here :slight_smile: