Skype add in footer


Hi, I would like to know can I and how do I add a skype icon and call to link in footer for contact? It should go under my E-mail adress.



If you thought to extend Moesia contact info widget functionality by adding another field you will have to edit theme folder / widgets / contact-info.php file.

Please note that for this kind of modifications it is advisable that you use child theme, because your changes will be lost on next theme update. If you consider to use child theme, please search form for unregister widget since you will have to register modified one.

If you are not comfortable with coding, please described as detailed as possible what you want to achieve and we will see if we can help you regarding your request.

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I would like to add skype icon and call to so a person could click the link and automatically add me to their skype list.
EDIT: Similar question was asked here:



Sorry for late response. I have created necessary modifications. Unzip file from dropbox link and upload it over original file (with FTP client like filezilla) located here wp-content\themes\moesia\widgets\contact-info.php. Additional field will be displayed in order to enter your skype name , and when someone click or tap that link they will call you over skype

If you want to include it trough your child theme, please search forum for unregister_widget

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Thanks that did it.