Skinny Latest Products on Homepage

as this has been discussed already on this topic

I couldn’t get a proper solve yet! If I try this fix as told via custom css

my product categories gets tooo big and messes up the whole page


My live site:

Hello there,

To display the products side by side, please try this css code instead:

@media only screen and (min-width: 769px){
  li.product-category.product {
    float: left;

THis doesn’t solve anything unfortunately. If I want to display latest products properly the product category section totally messes up.

I used this custom.css as mentioned in the other topic.

.woocommerce-page.columns-3 ul.products li.product, .woocommerce.columns-3 ul.products li.product {
    width: 100% !important;

Here’s a full page screenshot!

Oh great!

I think we don’t need the media query from my code in above but need more inspect the element more detail.

Thanks for post the solution here :slight_smile:

Please take a look now. I activated the latest posts section again.

Skinny menu is still not solved.

Hello @saiftheboss7,

TheShop theme is fixed now.

New version can be downloaded from aThemes site here.

It may pass some time until it updates at

Sorry for inconvenience.

Kind Regards, Roman.