Skills Widget column ratio

Hi, Is there a way I could change the ivision ratio in Skills Widget so that the left was 33% and right 67? Here is a link to my page: - the skills section is on coaching site.


Yes there is. Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.skills-desc {
   width: 33%;
.skills-list {
   width: 67%;
.skills-area .col-md-2 {
   clear: left;

Thnks a lot, I found the fie, but wonder is there a place in a code that I should put it exactly?

Ok, pardon - i found it. Wordpress still amazes me…Thanks one more time!

It doesn’t seem that you used the code (unless you’re using a caching plugin and the changes are not visible at the moment). Can you please confirm that you managed to use the code in a custom CSS plugin and that the changes are as expected?

I installed WP Custom CSS and used it, changes are visible at my screen, and I have also cache plugin - now i turned it off. So I think it should be ok now.
Thanks again!