Skill Widget

I am trying to change the skill_one_max variable since my largest number is around 20 but do not see where that can be done. I checked the .php file but had no luck setting a quantity for the max. I was able to remove the % symbol and add spacing without issue but again no luck with the max.

The width (the colored part) is set from main.min.js. Search for progressBar in the unminified file to see it: main.js.

Thank You!

Okay thought I had it figured out. Found progressBar in the main.js file but still am not able to change the width. Since the 4 skills I am using has a max of 17 and min of 7, they barely move across the bar.

Changing it in main.js would have no effect, that file is just for reference. You would need to minify it and paste the content in main.min.js.

To be honest, I don’t really now how you would change it to fit your needs as the scope of that widget is completely different. Perhaps only by multiplying the width with a constant.

I’ll keep tinkering, thanks for all the help though. I don’t think I need the pro version of sydney but I think I am going to purchase to help support! Plus it can’t hurt to have