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I have problems with the size of the letters on the cover according to the graphic attached.

I have more questions but they are from different topics, I must continue in this query or I must generate a new one.

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I await your response.

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Hello Natalia,

I think that it would be easier to recreate your slider using a slider plugin (Meta Slider, Crelly Slider, etc.) in order to achieve what you want, because Sydney slider doesn’t have much options.

You can switch to slider plugin in Customize → Header area → Header type section (use Crelly Slider option for Crelly Slider plugin and Shortcode option for other plugins). Then you should add shortcode or Crelly Slider alias in Customize → Header area → Crelly Slider or Customize → Header area → Shortcode section respectively.

Please create a separate topic for each of your issues to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

ok I understand. Finally Buy Thrive leads, is Sydney Pro compatible with its use for headers? I am trying to place one and it does not allow me (this does not use short code, that does work). Which option of Sydney Pro should I activate so that it allows to load the header worked with Thrive Leads?

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Natalia :wink:

Hello Natalia,

You can use Shortcode option with Thrive Leads, as far as I know.

Please check this Thrive Knowledge Base page:

Kind Regards, Roman.