Size of employee

I have a problem with size of employee. I have a photo with same size 611 x 640px but one time in .jpg and one in .bmp. When i use .bmp is everything ok but when i use .jpg photo is smaller, look at the photo employee. I wanna use .jpg and want size of .bmp and i dont know how to do that. I try use it almost every format that offer me photo editor: .png, .tif, .gif, but only .bmp show properly. Can you help me?
Sory for my bad english.


Can you post the URL of your site?

My site is, but now i have only .bmp image on it.

So, you’ve already resolve this by change the employees image?

No i dont resolve it. I use .bmp instead .jpg, but now my site is loading to long because it have 14MB. And that is the main reason why i wanna use .jpg, but when i use .jpg then looks like i show up.

I see, so please add this css code below to fix this issue:

.team-item img {
    height: 300px;

you can use simple custom css plugin to put the code in above

That dosn’t help me. Is the same image only higher. When you look at .bmp and .jpg, then you see that .jpg is cut of .bmp. And that’s the reason why your css code doesn’t help.

Could you please to set the employee images as shown in your screenshot I need to check it directly

I don’t know how but now it’s work fine on that site. Image that i show you was from my local site on wamp server. I don’t understand. I used same picture on both site (on internet and on my local computer) and on one site is fine but on other is bad.
Now it’s working fine. Thank you, without you i would not try on main site.

I see. So this issue is resolved?