Vlad - I would like to reduce the spacing between the text and the following icon.
I set the page up by using the SiteOriginFeature.

Thanks in advance!

Best Rob

Something like this?

.page-id-1604 .panel.widget {
    padding: 30px;

It applies only to that page.

Vlad - Awesome. Just like I wanted it to be.
Any suggestions on how to make the contact
form less bulky?


What exactly do you mean by bulky?

Vlad - ideal would be to have

  • the input fields for name, email, phone# and reference on the left hand side
  • a flush message field on the right
  • and the captcha code and input field plus the submit button (ghost style)
    below (left justified)

Well, you would need to modify your CF7 template a bit. You can use the one we’re using for the theme demo - get it here.

Simply put what you want on the left in the first <div class="col-md-6">…</div> on what you want on the right in the second one.

Vlad - Thanks, I do appreciate it!