SiteOrigin widgets compatible with aThemes Themes?


I was advised to use the SiteOrigin bundle for a vidual text editor widget. However, when using it it seems that the padding options are not properly picked up. I found that SiteOrigin has themes too and when I try my site with their theme, the blue text bar with text looks better centred. See the link below:

Can it be that SiteOrigin widgets indeed work better with the same brand Themes? I’m now hesitating investing a lot of time in different-brand-products? Or does Athemes perhaps have a similar visual text editor widget?



Could you please to share the URL of your site here and let me help you to fix the issue. I need to inspect your site directly.


Hi Awan,

I’m afraid my new WP site is on localhost at the moment because it is under construction and I cannot install wordpress on my domain (I think) without overwriting/de-activating my old website. Is there another way I can provide you with information perhaps?

I see… then can you take a screenshot and share the image in here?

I solved it in a different way, so I close this thread, thanks.