SiteOrigin Widget is not Working or Uploading



I am trying to add this:

Because it said this: SiteOrigin Slider

You need to install SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle to use the widget SiteOrigin_Widget_Slider_Widget.

Save and reload this page to start using the widget after you’ve installed it.

The install keeps failing:

Destination folder already exists. /hermes/walnaweb09a/b1424/moo.getsumruncom/inkmusclecom/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/

Plugin install failed.

Hello there,

That error message means the plugin is already installed. You just need to activate it (if haven’t yet) from Dashboard > Plugins.


It is activated. But it is not working.

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I have already tried to deactivate and activate it again.

Do you have other active plugins? What will happen if you temporarily deactivate them?


So you are suggesting I deactivate other plugins? To fix this plugin?

Sorry, I spoke to soon. Please activate the “SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle” plugin as it has been installed already.