Siteorigin Page Builder Extended properties disappeared after update to 1.30

Hi Vlad,

I am using your awesome Moesia theme (child theme) with SiteOrigin Page Builder. After update to 1.30 I noticed that “row” extended properties (edit Row / Row Styles) changed to very minimal/limited version… Now I see only “Theme” section in “Row Styles” (on the right).
There is no more possibility to Add class to row, or row cells, there is no more possibility to set the row layout (There used to be a “standard” / “Full width” / “Full width stretched”, etc.), nor there is no extended background setting possibitlity (bg image, bg color, bg position, etc.).
Is there any other way how to set all these parameters?

Does this change have something in common with Moesia theme update (to 1.30 version) or should I turn myself to SiteOrigin to solve this issue?

Thank you


Yes, I removed them from within the theme mostly because the row layouts weren’t working properly with Moesia. But you can still set the background image and color. So no, it doesn’t have anthing to do with SiteOrigin. It’s just that it was getting too confusing for users so I removed the stuff that weren’t working properly with the theme.

OK, and is there any way to downgrade to version 1.29 of the theme?
Or better, is there any way how to:

  1. set the row layout to full-width (even with css) ?
  2. add a specific class to the row ?
    Thank you

Sure, you can target that row by ID and do whatever you need with it, this way you won’t need a class. If you could post a link to your site and let me know what row you’re interested in I can give you the code.

Link to my site:

It is still under development, so please use the pass to open.
Login: barbarice
Pass: barbarice123

As I wanted to dynamically add or remove rows in the near future, I prefer to have personally defined ids as those generated by page-builder change each time you reorganise the website content in rows up and down…
As I did not manage to add my unique ids, I used classes, which I then used as follows:

  1. to hide the row with javascript (hide .count-down-widget and show .count-up-widget on a certain time, until now I was just testing it… In js file child folder js/my-script.js).

  2. Using page builder row style to full-width layout I wanted to set the image slider and google map to full-width… However, as my classes in page builder disappeared after theme upgrade, now it has all boxed layout.

So is there any way how to add my own personally named ids to rows?
Yes or not… How can I set the full-width row layout using css (to generated / personally named row) ?

Thank you :wink:

You can’t add your own IDs and as you noticed, you never could.
So you can use the generated IDs or the default widget classes or both:

#pg-15-0 .widget_sow-slider,
#pg-15-7 .widget_sow-google-map {
     max-width: 100%;
     padding: 0 !important;

It’s probably the exact same thing you did before, only with different classes. The row IDs start from -0 and go up to whatever number of rows you have. You can see them in the source for the .panel-grid divs.

Okay, understand. Thank you

I just wanted to overcome the situation of adding, removing or changing the order the rows without need of editing the css in case of targeting the row ids.

Don’t you consider adding this feature (adding own ids) in the future?

It could be added.
But you don’t need to worry about the order of the rows, you can just remove the IDs from the code I gave you. Or even add it like .home .widget_sow-slider so it affects only the front page.