SiteOrigin Editor won’t preserve formating

(I am using the WordPress version 4.4.2, theme Sydney version 1.25.)

I am using the SiteOrigin Editor to create my pages (for writing content) and it does not preserve the formatting that is used in the editor.

For example, if I create a bulleted list in the editor, the actual webpage will show the lines of text without any formatting at all.

Page in question:

UPDATE: I first sought out support with SiteOrigin, they gave me a solution that fixed part of my problem. Using some CSS, I was able to make the bullet symbols show, however the indentation of the bullets (which is shown in the editor) is removed on the final page.

Here is the support I received from SiteOrigin:

"As expected, your theme is preventing it from showing. I suggest contacting your theme developer about this issue for a fix. In the meantime you can add the following CSS to your website to resolve this issue. If you navigate to AppearanceCustom CSS, you’ll get our custom CSS editor. Just add the following code.

.widget ul {
list-style-type: disc !important;

This fix only made the bullets appear, the proper spacing and indentation is still missing. If I can provide any more detail please let me know. Thank you for your help!

Hello @cameronmckinley,

Please try to add the following CSS rule.

You can add CSS code to your site with Simple Custom CSS plugin (just copy CSS code and paste it in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Custom CSS after installing and activating the plugin). Also you can add CSS code directly to style.css file of your child theme.

.widget ul {
    padding-left: 30px !important;

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.