SiteOrigin Button widget

Hi, thanks for always quickly and concisely answering our questions…
I am trying to get the SiteOrigin button to match up perfectly in style/size/functionality with the native Sydney button.

In the row titled “Recent Transactions” you can see where I have the SiteOrigin Button widget (“SEE ALL”)… just can’t quite style it right…


Thank you!

so, you want the button has a same button hover’s style with another button right?
firstly, in your siteOrigin button you need to give a name to your button id, for example: btn-recent-trans

the next is you have to add the code below using custom css plugin:

   background-color: transparent;
  color: #d65050 !important;
  border: 1px solid #d65050;

Button ID… got it. Awesome.

I’m still doing something wrong… I want it to look and act exactly like the button in the row above that says “SEE ALL OUR PROGRAMS”

Thanks again!

RESOLVED… thank you!