SiteOrigin Accordian not working sometimes


I’ve been using Layout Builder (SiteOrigin Page Builder) to setup my pages with nested widgets inside with Sydney. On one of my pages I have a SiteOrigin Accordion within the main LayoutBuilder. For some reason every once in a while the accordion breaks and defaults to the LayoutBuilder default settings aka white text and no background, so it’s pretty much just serving as just a text box. This is fixed by just saving again and then restoring to a previous version.

This means a version where the accordion shows up as broken will work as long as I “restore” to it, even if nothing has changed. My guess is something weird is going on with the CSS priorities but I don’t know why they would just randomly change sometimes.

Website is and I’ve fixed it again for the moment.


Can you please leave here a note when the issue is apparent and provide some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.

It looks like this with the font color white instead of green (white is the default layout builder color)

I’ll post again next time it crashes before I restore.

Thank you.

It is currently down again. You can see it if you check on the greenblu/technology link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you look at it on mobile you can also see the behavior I’m describing in case the website happens to be working.


You can try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Sydney Toolbox and SiteOrigin plugins, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I’ve reduced extra plugins and it appears to be fixed again. If it lasts till the end of the day, you’ll be my hero.

Worst case scenario I think I’ll just hard code in the CSS for the accordion with the !important tag.