Site won't load, only see two circles


I went through and tried to deactivate the plug ins as was suggested in other support topics, but I still am only seeing the two bouncing circles. The only plug ins I left were my hosting ones, elementor and the sydney toolbox. All of these were there previously as my site had been up for a few months now.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry I forgot to mention, the last change I did a week ago was to re-add this custom CSS in.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve used Sydney for more than a year with no issue, and then this weekend, it stopped allowing the landing page to open, with just the two bouncing red dots.


As checked, your site has an active cache and you should flush it and reload your it. You may also need to flush the web browser’s cache, history, and restart it.

aThemes Support

Same issue here. It’s definitely not fixed (according to the developers it’s not even broken). Sydney 1.72 still does not work with any browser (Firefox and Edge). I turned off site caching. Cleared the browser cache and nothing. Only rollback to 1.71 to turning off the preloader works.

    .preloader {
       display: none !important;
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