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I really like the site theme but is it possible to move the Site title, strap line & call to action button on the front page as I need them to fit with the image that I’m using?
Ideally I want them to be moved to the left & want to know whether I can do this first before I carry on adding content

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So you want to align them left?
You can add this code in a custom CSS plugin:

.welcome-desc {
   text-align: left;


Thats great, thanks very much Vlad. Looks much better, just need to center the contact us button I think & I’m there!


Something like this?

.welcome-info {
   display: table;
   text-align: center;
   width: auto;

Remove the code I gave you earlier.


Not quite Vlad, but I didnt explain it very well. I was thinking more of keeping the title & quote together as you’d originally mentioned & then just moving the contact button. A bit like this mock up


Alright, I think I understand now. Remove the previous code and add this:

.welcome-title, .welcome-desc {
   text-align: left;
.welcome-info {
   text-align: center;


Vlad, you are a superstar -thank you very much!!