Site Title bleeding into Slider and Header being masked

Hello folks, thanks for creating these two wonderful themes. I’m using Bistro for a small boutique in Dubai: Perhaps not the intended niche for this theme. I’m also open to other themes that may be more suitable. In any even the problem I’m having is that I’m using Headers plugin to display contact information for the client. Now some of this information is masked and site title is also bleeding into the slider. Client loves the look but does not care for this. Is there another way I can display client’s information which might solve this problem.

Another problem is that articles on category pages are excerpts and I would like them to be full posts. Right now have only created posts for one entry:

I’m new to Wordpress so any advise on how to improve the site will also be appreciated. Would Sydney be more appropriate than Bistro for the site.

Hi jfambrini,

you need to lowering your header section by adding this code using custmo css plugin:

.site-header {
  padding-top: 55px;

and then to display an article without excerpt, you can go to appearance > customize > blog option then uncheck the options under the content/excerpt

Awan bhai, peace. Thanks for the prompt and comprehensive reply, this fixed both problems. I now have another question, I would like my sticky post to display in full as it describes what we do but all the other posts to be displayed in excerpt. I unchecked “Check this box to display the full content of your posts on the home page” and now all post are being displayed as excepts. Is there a way to display just one post as full and the rest as excerpt.

Thanks again!!

You could chose to display the full content of your posts, then insert the manual read more tag for all posts except the one you want in full. Do a quick Google search in case you don’t know how that’s done as it is not a theme feature.

Dear Vlad:
That is an idea. I’m a Joomla head and we do that as a matter of routine in Joomla but I want the same articles to display in full in their resspective Category pages.