Site title and site tag line

I need to add site tagline below the site titile, I am not being able to do so kinldy suggest?

Hello, can you please provide a link to your website in order to let me check it?

You can use some link shortener if you don’t want to leave the link to your site in this topic.

Kind Regards, Roman.
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Link is

I am a new user and first time trying to build a blogging website. In all I have 3 points to understand

  1. how to put site tag line below the site title?

  2. My site title is in all caps rather I don’t want all caps?

  3. suppose if I have a good logo so if I want to remove the site title and tag line how can I do that?


I’ve just tried to check your website, but it’s in Maintenance Mode.

So can you please leave here a note when your website is live?

Kind Regards, Roman.
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