Site Tite (change for image)

Hi guys!
(Me again!)
Is there a way to, instead of the site title, replace that with a logo? Or is there a way to remove the site title (still have it) but remove it from the website and just have the site logo instead?



Sure, go to Customize > Header Area > Site Branding and upload your logo there.

Now, how are you able to remove the 'site title.'
For example, I obviously still want to have the site title as my blog, but how can I still have that, but not have it show up on my website?

Don’t think I follow. If you add a logo your site title will still be the document title, it’s just that it won’t be displayed in the menu bar. I might not understand what you’re asking though.

So with this theme it gives you the option of ‘Site Branding,’ and you can add in your website title into the theme and it displays the website title before the image header.
Is there a way to still have a website title, but without having that text show up on the website?

You can replace the site title with a logo. That’s what you asked and it’s possible :slight_smile: You just want to hide it now, without having a logo?

The website title will still exist (without being visible) even if you choose to use a logo.

Haha, I totally get that this theme allows you to have a logo.
The thing that I need help with now is trying to remove the site title on the webpage.
For example my ‘site title’ is The Knight Life.
How do I keep that site title, but not have those words show up on the webpage, usually there is a box you can tick?

Also, with regard to the image filter. I found the colour changer, but it needs a number, is there a working number for this theme to make it transparent?

Send me an admin account to vlad[at] please and I’ll handle both changes. It will go much faster :slight_smile: