Site parts jumping (no smooth scroll effect) in IE

I have a WEBSITE and the site does not have a smooth sliding effect when viewing it in Internet Explorer browser. Some parts, images, text are jumping, they are not steady, when scrolling the page. Not so nice for the user.

When previewed in Chrome it is better, but in IE, it not so nice.

Thank you for your help & Best regards,

Hello there,

Are you running Edge or IE 11?


I am running IE 11. In Edge and Chrome everything scrolls smoothly, but in IE not so nice.

Thank you Kharis for your help & Best regards,

Same problem with my websites (using sydney and perth). I would be interested in any clues. No smooth scrolling in IE 11, Edge is working fine. But I have learnt this would be a problem within Explorer itself (smooth scrolling effect is unchecked and not stated in registry). scroll-behavior:smooth; >>> no effects on IE

Even Amazon website does not scroll properly… :wink: I therefore think this is not our fault.