Site Origin Google Maps in Sydney Pro not displaying

Hi there,

Referring to a closed topic where the problem I had with my Site Origin Google Map not displaying had “fixed itself” (Sydney Pro embedding a Google Map), it is back…

All is set up with Google maps: API, Geocoding, Referrers. Actually, the map had displayed fine after the topic linked above was closed and until a couple of days ago. I did some work on the site then, but even after disabling all plugins aside from Sydney Toolbox, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle, the map still doesn’t display. I also re-issued the IPA, but to no avail.

the page embedding the map is:

Thanks for your suggestions and support!


Hello there,

The web browser’s console tool displaying the following error.

The solution for this, you can this thread at SiteOrigin’s support channel.

I hope this helps.


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for your quick response. It is quite strange as the API was set up with our website as referrer and it worked until last week or so… Anyhow, since everything checked without seeing anything show up, I started everything again from scratch and it worked of course. Thanks and sorry for the bother. Cheers!


Glad to hear that you’ve been able to sort that out.