Site origin editor is displaying background color

Hi, I’m very new at the whole coding thing and I’ve been searching for the solution, hope you can help!

On my website I’m using a Site origin editor for one of the section, and it is displaying a grey background that I don’t want (I don’t want any background). If I inspect element, I found the grey color, but somehow I can’t find where this code is located to be able to change it.

It’s for the “Timeline” section:

Thank you so much for your help

Hello Zsas,

you can remove the background color from “row setting” and no need to coding.
Edit your page > edit the timeline widgets row > Row style > Theme > background color.

Salam dari Bandung, Indonesia :smiley:

Hi Awan (fellow Indonesian! :smiley: ),

Thank you for the reply. It’s really strange because I’ve done this before in the past and every time I’m logged back in, the grey colour comes back (even though I already save & update). Is there a way to make sure this won’t happen again?

Kind regards,



I Just checked your site this morning and look like the issue already resolved?

Hi Awan, yes! Somehow yesterday after I changed it the background actually work.

Thanks again for the tip, much appreciated!