Site not visible on mobile devices

I must say, i really liked your theme. So after applying and updating, I thought it looked stunning on pc and mac.
However, when I tried to open the site op the iphone, I only see the ‘jumping balls’. it seems that the headers/pictures are not loaded.
On the iPad the frontpage in loaded but the picture is not correctly resized.

The website is

I suppose I must have misconfigured something
Any ideas, suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance


Just checked your site on an iphone and it loads fine. Can you have another look?
The slider goes fullscreen on all devices so it will resize according to the resolution of that specific device. This means that parts of the image might be cut off.

Hello Vlad,

I had the same problem on both the iphone and the ipad using the Safari browser.
Opening the site with Chrome, however, it looks much better.
So I’ve cleared my cache and restarted both devices. That seemed to solve my issue in Safari. Bizar

Thanks for your quick response AND for your amazing theme :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work


You mentioned updating the theme. If you had a previous version, the bouncing balls were disappearing when everything on your site was loaded. That’s not the case anymore with the latest version. So if something from your plugins failed to load completely on iPhone, then the balls wouldn’t disappear. Clearing the cache made the old code go away so it’s not really that strange :slight_smile: