Site not loading on desktop

My site doe not work on my my MacBook, the site works on iPad and iPhone

I have had an issue over the last week where my site will not load, with an error saying ‘too many redirects’, please delete your cookies & cache? I did that and it worked, now for the last few days it’s not working?

I have cleared my cache, also WP cache, my host has cleared my Cpanel cache, my DNS and settings are ok. The last call today they looked deeper and saw a few errors;

Notice: Constant WP_CRON_LOCK_TIMEOUT already defined in /home/z5uc7t0fhjfj/public_html/wp-config.php on line 77

Notice: Constant AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL already defined in /home/z5uc7t0fhjfj/public_html/wp-config.php on line 78

Notice: Constant WP_POST_REVISIONS already defined in /home/z5uc7t0fhjfj/public_html/wp-config.php on line 79

Notice: Constant EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS already defined in /home/z5uc7t0fhjfj/public_html/wp-config.php on line 80

and said that one of my plugins ‘Child Theme Configurator’ ( was giving errors?,
I deactivated it, with no affect, the site still won’t load?

They said it may be my theme which is ‘Sydney Child’, I have activated a default theme with no affect?

It works on my friends MAC in normal browsing, just not on my MAC

I have just checked, it’s working ok in an ‘incognito’ window in Chrome & FireFox, not in a normal browser window?

I’m now left with a site that only works on iPad and iPhone (I guess all smart devices?), and other desktops, just not my personal Mac?

This is completely bizarre, help please?

Thanks Paul

Same thing happening to my site. Will not load on google chrome, iphone. Will load firefox and incognito chrome. Please help. Happened immediately after I download lasted 1.74 Sydney update.

my site just has bouncing ball and nothing happens

Finally got it working. After the update you have to empty your cache, cookie etc. Who knows why knows. Spent hours on this. Not impressed.

Hi Guys,

I have deleted my Cookies & Cache again, it’s now working on my FireFox, Safari works, Chrome & incognito but not Chrome Guest?

Doesn’t make sense?

The mentioned lines above are not part of theme’s code and it isn’t caused by any theme, I think.

To confirm this, you can temporarily switching theme for checking.

To find help for such that kind of issues, I’d suggest visiting the WordPress community suppot forum at:

aThemes Support

Hey Kharis,

Thanks for your input. I have posted on the WP forum, still having the problem?



Hi Kharis,

I’m still having an issue with my site, it’s not appearing on my iPhone, incognito, guest on a MacBook Air? I am starting think that my site is not accessible to the public?



I visited your website and the issue doesn’t seem to appear on my screen.

Perhaps you should flush your web browser’s cache/history and restart it first?

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

I have cleared the cache & cookies many times, it worked in the first week, but since it hasn’t on any of my browsers. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Brave,

Tonight I cleared my cache/cookies & the restarted, still no different. It doesn’t work in Private/Incognito, or on my iPhone/iPad anymore?

My host has tried, suggests the same?

I’m going around in circles?



Hi Paul,

I am still clueless why you got it differently.

Can you share your screen recording here?

aThemes Support

Thanks Kharis, screen recording attached.Website not loading?


This is now solved, it was caused by an issue with the SSL, I had it rectified yesterday.

Thanks for all of the help & comments.

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Glad to you got the solution. Thank you for letting us know, that’s really appreciated.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

aThemes Support