Site loads at middle instead of at the top


I have a unique problem with a site I am working on

the site does not load at the top as it should
and I can find no reason why!!
I have been looking for solutions for hours now
please help

it appears that my site is directed to the iframe i have placed in the frontpage when loading first time
how can i prevent this?

I have tried using [iframe onload=“window.parent.scroll(0,0);” src=“”]

in a “siteorigin editor” on a row in “my front page”

But the iframe still pulls the page to its location when loading


For me your website loads correctly, have you removed the iframe from the page or have you been able to resolve the issue? In case you still have the issue, please let me know in which browser you have it and where can I find the iframe you’ve added.

Best Regards,

Hi csaba
I have returned my iframe to the desired spot
thank you for having a look

much appreciated!!

oh no it appears this no longer works ?!?!

my site now says the link cannot be found yet i can clearly see it when not in an iframe


Ok, I can see the iframe now, but I can’t see any issues with it, can you, please post a screenshot about the issue?

Best Regards,