Site is not fixed / Strange transition


The problem is - when I scroll site up and down, it goes also right and left. How can it be fixed for classical up and down without moving around?


Can you share your site URL here?

yes, for sure


Looks like its because your submenu text is too long. Let set the limit width for the submenu container using CSS code below:

#mainnav ul li ul{
    max-width: 175px;

You can put the code into Customize > additional CSS

I put the code, sorry, but nothing changed

How if you add the !important rule to the code? So the code would be like this

#mainnav ul li ul{
    max-width: 175px !important;

and the important rule in code doesn’t work, unfortunately

Hey… I’ve just checked your site and the code is working. The left-right scroll bar disappears.

Btw, you don’t need to use both codes in above. Please use one of them instead.

well, this effect is only on iOS (I dont know why), on windows its okey

thank you for your help!