Site Header Not Showing

My site is and the default site header is not showing up, despite clearing my cache, and trying on a different browser. Thank you for your assistance!


Hi Sean,

I just checking your site and your header site is displayed on frontpage only

Correct- the site header that should be shown at the top of all of the other pages is not shown, despite confirming that the site header option was selected, clearing my cache, and even trying on different browser. Can you please help me correct this issue so the activated site header shows up on the other pages, as it did initially by default?

(Again, the front page header is fine, it is the site header that should be displaying on the other pages as selected that is the issue.)

Thanks for your assistance.

Was there still support available for this service ticket?

Not sure why this was marked as resolved. I changed it now.

Can you go to the Customizer and check that you actually have a header image set? Not the default one.

I replaced it with a new image and it now seems to work. However, the page text seems to be pushed down considerably underneath. Is there a way to bring up the text higher, so that its closer to the header section on those pages?

That’s the default spacing. Makes things look cleaner.
However, you can add this in a custom CSS plugin and adjust for your needs:

.page-wrap {
     padding-top: 30px;