Site does not work properly


Hello, I installed the theme Moesia, I did the settings and initially worked well with all my old theme pages.
But now none of the pages is running unless the Front Page and Blog, tried to enable / disable all plugins I had installed but still failed.
The only thing was that I could not properly install the xml file (settingsv10) but at first even without installing this setting the theme Moesia worked with my old pages. What should I do?
Thank you.


Ops sorry, i forgot the site



What you mean by “not working” you get a 404 error or what’s happening? I have checked your site and clicked some of your menu items and the pages are working for me.

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Sorry I was not very clear, I managed to solve all the problems.
Aside from the home page and blog, all pages are compressed, they do not take up the whole screen, I I disabled the sidebar but the pages are in this spare, this blank on the right side of pages.

thank you again for your attention, thank you



So you have removed the sidebars and want to make the page to be full-width, so to take up the blank space on right? If yes, then please use this Custom CSS:

#secondary {
    display: none !important;

.content-area {
    width: 100% !important;

If you have a Child Theme already setup then add the above CSS to the style.css file of the Child Theme or you can also use this plugin to add the Custom CSS:

Please let me know how it works.

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Thanks, it helped me a lot, I have one last doubt.
On the front page a “call to action” box is not with the effect of scrolling correct, I do not know is called “parallax”. but I already changed the picture in different resolutions and sizes and it takes a long time to load and often does not appear, what should I do? Thank you again



If the image is loading too slowly, then I suggest to try a smaller image or an optimized one, so the image should be less then 100KB.

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Yes, everything related to my previous questions is working properly, this issue is very cool, I am very satisfied. Thanks for everything.

I have a problem related to the Page Builder that could not solve in any way.
To make edits on pages by PageBuilder a message that I need to install the “SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle” but when I install and active not appear lines and editable fields in the pages, only when I disable that appears again and I can not edit sliders widgets, button, images etc.

Any tips?

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.



Great! I’m glad everything works fine. You’re most welcome.

Please open a new topic about your other issues, so we can help you there. We recommend to open 1 topic / 1 issue.

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