Site crashing due to plugins not compatible with theme

Hello there, I have been on calls with my host and they said my site is crashing due to either not optimized images or plugins / widgets that are not compatible with my theme (Sydney Pro). My images are not larger than 2-400kb so that cannot be the issue. I do have 44 plugins… Could you please confirm for me that the attached list of plugs is compatible with Sydney Pro? I hope you can take a look at this ASAP, I am paying for FB ads that lead to my site, for holiday promos. This is urgent. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

![Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 9.20.47 AM|690x434]
it didn’t let me add more than one screenshot. Coudl you please change that setting so that I can add 5 more to show you all the plugins?
Thank you!

Hello there, Could you please help me with this?


To find out which plugin causes you the issue, you can do troubleshooting by yourself with the help of this plugin.

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Enable Troubleshooting mode
  3. Activate the Sydney Pro theme
  4. Reactivate the plugins one by one and run your test in each to check whether the issue is happening when one plugin disabled or not.

I request you give it a try and let me know your views.

aThemes Support