Site breaks after Elementor update


I updated Elementor (after update available shown) and my site broke down, everything is messed up.

My site

I Cleared the Cache and the site is working, but when viewing it in Microsoft Edge, and scrolling, my images are missing, instead a gray background is seen. And then I scroll back over the site, and some images show up…

Best regards,

Hello Blaz,

I’ve just checked your website and it looks well, have you already resolved this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman

This happens only in my Microsoft Edge browser. In Chrome, IE and Firefox, this does not happen. I have cleared cookies from Edge, cleared Cache from site, and it is still present.

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Hello Blaz,

I asked our Developer to check this issue, let’s see what he says.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you very much Roman.

Kind regards, Blaz

Hi there,

Just checked your site in Edge and it looks fine. So probably it is indeed cache not cleared completely.


Thank you Vlad

I cleared the Cache from my site in Wp, and that still happened on my Edge browser (also after I cleared the cookies & cache from Edge).

So this issue does not happen on other peoples browsers, it is probably only on mine due to the caching?

I can enable my plugin cache plugin again?

Thank you & Best regards

Yeap, only to you. Just to confirm, in Edge you cleared from Settings > Clear Browsing Data? And there you pick the 4 first things, not just cookies.

Yes, all of them, not only the cookies. But if it is only at my system, then it is OK. I will write if I see this issue at someone else’s browser.

Thank you Vlad & Best regards