Single quotes in Call To Action widget

In the pagebuilder, add a Moesia Call To Action widget. In the “Enter your call to action” portion type “It’s a beautiful day!” and save. Now reload your website and see the Call To Action bit with the text: “It’s a beautiful day!”

For the moment, this can be found at

Is this something I can fix? Or should I wait for an update?

It’s an easy fix, not sure how this wasn’t noticed until now. Go to Appearance > Editor, open up fp-call-to-action.php and find this <?php echo esc_textarea($action_text); ?> and replace it with this <?php echo $action_text; ?>

Thank you, Vlad!

Is this fix upgrade proof?

Ah I spoke too soon. I have no editor under Appearance. Is that a plugin I’m missing?

Edit: Nevermind. It’s under theme > Edit. I found it. It works now. Thank you so much!

Original questions does still stand, is this upgrade proof?

It is in this case because this change will also be made in the theme. Normally you shouldn’t edit theme files.