Single product - elementor

Hi, Im experiencing a problem in single product. I insert product images into a single product template and it seems that Sydney pro 2 theme interferes with elementors pro
setting. Hover zooming doesnt work, after klicking on image it opens in “gallery view” but it doubles over itself and im not finding option to edit this situation.

thans for advice.

Hello there,

Please try disabling all other plugins temporarily to check if there’s a conflict with one of them. Run your test. Before doing so, clear web browser’s history/cache. To find out of which exactly pollutes the WooCommerce gallery, try re-enabling them one by one and re-run your test.

If you feel the issue is with Elementor, try temporarily disabling it.


Thanks fo advice, but no luck. I akso have some other issues that seems to be caused by the same thing.

In woocommerce shop i found out that i was not able to edit some functions; f.e; size of price in single product, gallery view was opening kind of doubled over itself in single product, hover zooming is not working. variation in single product was impossible to edit properly and so on.

Do you have any other advice for me? It seems that theme and elementor work against each other, when i switch to default 2019 wordpress theme it works. Is it posible to disable theme for woocomerce part of page? Am I forgetting something. Thank you very much.

Hello there,

Do you have a link to one of your product pages to share here to allow me checking it? Does the issue only appear when Elementor Pro is active?



this is our page:

you cas see isues:

  • price size is not possible to change ( all parameter except size is editable)
  • variations vs. cart is not editable in a way to make it look nice. I even have 2 cart buttons in edit mode (attachment picture)
  • product image doesnt zoom while hovering and does this double viewing after clicking which i cannot edit anyhow.

thank you